A process to make progress

Guest blog by Hannah Massarella CPCC, BIRD movement.com

We are all often too busy to take time, step back and map out how we want to be living our lives and showing up in our work.

Most often we firefight and react because life is so busy. But the value of taking some time out and working through a process to achieve a goal is very valuable.

Last Tuesday I ran a full day session in partnership with the brilliant ACEVO. We worked through particular issues or challenges that attendees were experiencing by using a process I’ve developed based on the Coaches Training Institute models, Dr Brené Brown’s research and the GROW model.

To give you a very short hand version of the process, here are the steps:

1. Articulate the dream: for example, if you have a challenging relationship at work at the moment what would you ideally want that relationship to be like?

2. Describe what the barriers to achieving this are right now. Most often the barriers fall into the following categories:

  • Thoughts of scarcity (I don’t have time to develop a strong relationship with this colleague…)
  • Critical voices (I haven’t got it in me to sort this out, if our attempts to create a strong relationship fail then I am a failure…)
  • Thoughts of comparison (She is better at the job than me, other people get on with her why can’t I, what’s wrong with me?)

What we tend to do is sit in barrier land. We don’t move past the barriers because they are complex and hard to really articulate and understand. Often barriers are unconscious, we don’t realise what stories we’re truly telling ourselves about the situation.

So take some time articulating the barriers.

3. Find some supporters: who can help you to achieve your goal?

4. Understand the bigger picture: what’s the purpose of your goal here – who would it help? How would it feel to achieve it? What values would you be honouring by making this happen?

5. Take some action: find a number of actions you can commit to in order to achieve your goal.

6. And finally put some of your own barriers in place: these are the things you say no to in order to make your goal happen.

It’s a much easier process to work through with support, so if you’re interested in learning more send me an email. Likewise if you’re a leader within the not for profit sector you might be interested in the next workshop I am delivering with ACEVO in September – Navigating uncertainty in the charity sector.


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