BITC Scotland welcomes Scottish Parliament’s gender pay gap report

The Committee carried out an inquiry between March and May this year into the gender pay gap in Scotland. Its remit was to explore the effect of the gender pay gap on the Scottish economy, with a particular focus on business performance, the Scottish public sector and Scottish Government action required to address the issue. Following the inquiry, the Committee has published the report, No Small Change: The Economic Potential of Closing the Gender Pay Gap.

Commenting on the publication, Jane Wood, Director of Membership and the Nations for BITC, said: “Women in Scotland working across the public and private sectors unfortunately still face a challenge to be fully recognised for the value they bring to the Scottish economy so we welcome the thoroughness with which the Economy, Jobs and Fair Work Committee has carried out its inquiry.

“At Business in the Community Scotland, we encourage early and comprehensive reporting as a positive move towards greater equality for women in the workplace. Embracing transparency could enable employers to enhance their corporate reputation and increase their staff’s engagement and attract new talent.

“Today’s reports shows emphatically that Scotland’s workforce has a gender-based problem with a pay gap which impacts on women at all stages of their working lives and is not just isolated to women who choose to start a family or to take time out of their careers. This inquiry will allow us to begin to understand the reasons for the discrepancy between gender pay and recognise what can be done to start to address this.”

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