Business in the Community convenes on race at work

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Business in the Community’s race equality campaign conducted the UK’s largest ever workplace survey of race at work receiving in excess of 24,000 responses. The survey focused on why ethnic minorities are under-represented at every level in the workplace and if racial bias has an impact. This year the University of Manchester conducted a thematic review of more than 5,000 comments from the survey and the resulting report highlights that employers have experienced incidents of racial harassment and bullying from customers and contractors, as well as from managers and colleagues.

This event will examine the responses from survey participants in the South West and will share the recommendations for good practice from both the survey report “Race at Work” and the review from Manchester University ” Equality, Diversity, and Racism in the Workplace“.

A round table discussion under Chatham House rules will bring the evening to a close.

How to book

Please reserve your place by emailing Chelsie Riley, Leadership Engagement Coordinator

E: Chelsie Riley: Chelsie.riley@bitc.org.uk

T: 0113 205 8204

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