Golden Bottle Trust names Philanthropy Impact as collaborative organisation

The Golden Bottle Trust, set up in 1985 to further the philanthropic aims of the Hoare family and the bank, has named Philanthropy Impact as one of their collaboration partners in their work towards achieving the UN Sustainable Development Goals, in particular SDG 17.

Tying together over 2000 family members across generations with shared values at its core, the activity of the GBT has always been focused on catalysing innovation, this even pre-dates Henry Hoare and his founding of Westminster Hospital in 1719, making healthcare free at the point of access.   Each year, the partners donate up to 10% of the bank’s profits to the trust, which makes grants to a wide range of charitable causes in the UK and elsewhere. This is demonstrated still in their grant making and our portfolio, which work together to achieve Total Portfolio Impact.

We are very honoured to have been featured in their Annual Report as collaboration partners.

You can read about their Total Portfolio Impact approach to their philanthropy and investment here 

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