Landfill Disposals Tax Communities Scheme – Are you eligible?

In April 2018 the collection of landfill tax was devolved to
Wales. £1.5million per annum has been allocated to the scheme and
will be used to fund initiatives within the communities affected by
proximity to a landfill site or waste transfer station.

To find out more information about project eligibility and to
apply, please visit WCVA’s webpages on the Landfill Disposals Tax

26 operational landfill sites and 46 waste treatment or transfer
stations are eligible
. Once you have confirmed your project is
within one or more of these eligible sites read the scheme
guidance document
to check whether your project fits with the
themes of the funding and other eligibility criteria.

WCVA is managing the grant scheme which will support activities
under three themes:

Landfill Icons - Biodiversity (english)Landfill Icons - Waste Minimisation (english)Landfill Icons - Nature Enhancement (english)

This new grant scheme is a great opportunity to provide community
benefits through grant funding whilst also supporting local
wildlife, natural habitats, and healthy functioning ecosystems. We
want to hear from projects who care about their community and
understand what local people need to become healthier, more
prosperous, or increase community cohesion.

All applications will need to demonstrate the positive impact they
will make on the community.

Main grants between £5,000 and £49,999 are available, the first
round closes 26 July 2018. Projects will be
informed of the outcome of their application by September 2018 and
successful projects will start by October 2018. There will be two
grant rounds per year.

If your project does not fall within an eligible area, or if you
are unsure whether your project qualifies under the theme criteria,
please contact ldtgrants@wcva.org.uk or
your local County Voluntary
for further guidance.

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