Launch of new goals to create a sustainable future for the hotel industry

The International Tourism Partnership (ITP) has today (Tuesday 26 September) announced four Goals supported by ITP member companies as the major industry reference point to drive progress towards sustainability in the hotel industry. These Goals are aligned to the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

The ITP Goals are a carefully constructed and practically achievable response to four of the core sustainability issues impacting responsible hospitality providers globally. At a glance, they include:

  • Youth employment: Collectively impact one million young people through employability programmes by 2030, thereby doubling the industry’s current impact on youth unemployment.
  • Carbon: Embrace science-based targets, and encourage the wider industry to join in reducing emissions at scale
  • Water: Embed water stewardship programmes to reduce the number of people affected by water scarcity; also improve water-use efficiency and identify ways to address water scarcity.
  • Human Rights: Raise awareness of human rights risks, embed human rights into corporate governance, and address risks arising in the labour supply chain and during hotel construction.

ITP’s Goals send a clear call to action to the wider industry about the critical importance of using the SDGs (also called the Global Goals) as a focal point to drive responsible business in hospitality. The launch also recognises the International Year of Sustainable Tourism for Development, which calls on the industry to coordinate to tackle issues and share best practice. ITP is an official ‘Friend’ of the initiative.

ITP is a global industry organisation, bringing together the world’s most powerful hotel companies responsible for over 25,000 hotels, in an alliance focused on a single ambition: to lead the industry through example with clear and quantifiable commitments to sustainability.

Wolfgang M. Neumann, ITP Governing Council Chair and industry thought-leader, commented: “We have agreed on a total of four core Goals, with two addressing environmental issues (climate and water), and two supporting the people who work in the hotel industry and its supply chain. This even balance between planet and people reflects the passions and dedication of ITP members to make a real and lasting difference to a broad range of issues against which commitments can be agreed.

“ITP believes that the hotel industry can be a force for good and make a positive contribution to the United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals and to the COP21 climate agreements. Our vision for 2030 is for sustainable growth and a fairer future for all. We understand that bigger impacts can be achieved faster through the industry working together at scale; for this reason we invite other hotel companies to join with us in our commitment to these four critical goals.”

Fran Hughes, ITP Director, commented: “This cross-industr4y alignment to a single set of Goals is a fantastic achievement for the International Tourism Partnership. It is also a reflection of the increasing importance that the hospitality industry attaches to sustainability issues. As we move into the second half of the International Year of Sustainable Tourism for Development, business leaders have put competition to one side to create an ambitious vision for the future and a rallying call to the whole industry. By working together, I feel certain that these businesses will create a more sustainable future for the entire hospitality industry.”

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