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New duties forNatural Resources Wales placed upon them under The Environment Act and the Wellbeing of Future Generations (Wales) Act call for new ways of working which support a more collaborative and, in some case, a co- produced approach. NRW hope their new funding approach, developed in collaboration with key stakeholders, will support them to meet these duties. Work is now underway to begin developing the Commissioning Plans.

Natural Resources Wales will distribute funding through a commissioning model, and will identify themes and challenges which will need to be addressed together. Below are their key messages regarding this new funding model:

  • NRW recognises the valuable work of its partners in supporting a healthy Welsh environment and is committed to being a funding organisation
  • NRW will fund projects in each of the areas covered by Wales’ Area Statements
  • NRW will fund ‘All Wales’ projects recognising the interventions that are best delivered once for Wales
  • NRW can only provide project funding – they will use the Welsh Government’s Code of Practice for Funding the Third Sector
  • Funding will be available in the region of £3 million per year – subject to any reductions in NRW’s Grant In Aid
  • Partners will be able to apply for up to 3 years funding from 2018 – helping longer term planning
  • NRW will have a two stage process – inviting initial expressions of interest, followed by invitation to make a full application

An open call for projects to come forward with approaches to these challenges is currently envisaged to open by Spring 2018. It is likely that NRW will be able to provide interested parties with more detail about how expressions of interest may be submitted by October 2017.

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