Private Investment in Culture Survey Report 2022 from Arts Council England

England is an incredibly successful example of how a mixed funding model – where private investment supplements income from local authorities and Government – can create and sustain a world-leading cultural sector. While public funding is an essential foundation for culture in England, the ambition and innovation displayed by many organisations in raising funds from other sources has allowed the sector to dream and to amplify the impact of public investment, achieving much more than would be possible with public funding alone.

The Private Investment in Culture Survey looks at this model in detail. It has been produced over several decades, enabling us to identify trends in the sector and understand how fundraising is changing over the long-term. This report contains the results from the third iteration of the survey, and the period it covers (2018/19 to 2020/21) has perhaps been the most challenging since the survey began. Organisations have had to respond to a pandemic which brought challenges that shook the whole of society and the economy, with enormous implications for culture.

This report reflects the drive and innovation that the leaders, fundraisers and supporters of the cultural sector have shown in making that response. Many found ways to sustain income and replace sources of funding that became unviable with others that tapped into the needs of audiences enduring isolation and lockdowns. While this has undoubtedly been an extraordinarily difficult time for many organisations, we are pleased to see that private income has remained relatively stable since the 2019 survey.

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