Take the new emergency Readiness Test for small businesses

Unexpected events, such as flooding, fire or cyber attacks, can hit a small business hard. Yet, 43% of small businesses admit not having adequate disaster recovery plans.

Joey Tabone, Resilience Director, The Prince’s Business Emergency Resilience Group, said: “SMEs are the backbone of the UK economy, and the impact that an issue or crisis could have on a small business is significant, with potentially life-changing consequences for owners and employees, as well as having a negative effect on the economy.

“We are urging small business owners across the UK to take the test and use Business in the Community’s free advice to scrutinise their own business practices to ensure they’re protected against future incidents that could put their business, and their livelihoods, in jeopardy”.

Small businesses owners work tirelessly for their business, so they need to make sure it is resilient too. Business in the Community asks small business owners to take The Readiness Test and discover quick simple steps that can make all the difference.

Business in the Community is encouraging its wider business membership to get involved by sharing the Would You Be Ready resources and asking their small business clients, suppliers and stakeholders to take the online Readiness Test.

The new campaign is featured on Business in the Community’s Trading for Good website – a digital network for small businesses, offering advice and information to help UK businesses be more responsible.

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