Empathy and burnout in the not for profit sector

Empathy and burnout in the not for profit sector: supporting your clients and looking after yourself

27 June, 10am


Research shows that overwork does not help us to be more productive, and yet as the sector continues to be mission-driven, the mission-critical people at the heart of the cause feel the ever-mounting pressure of needing to do – and be – more.

This course follows on from last month’s successful Birmingham course and will support participants to delve into stress, burnout and work-based anxiety. Reflecting on the latest research on self-care and emotional resilience, it will guide you through tools and techniques for staying with empathy for self and others even when the going gets tough.

If you love your job, but often find yourself wondering how you can do it without compromising other areas of your life, this training session offers some answers.

About the trainer

Kerry Sands is a professional people trainer based in South Wales with over 15 years’ experience of helping adults to learn. Kerry’s career has been exclusively working within the not for profit sector, in a range of front-facing advice and support organisations for people.

Kerry has a keen interest in promoting wellness at work and helping individuals and organisations to establish workplace cultures which promote longevity, effective communication and healthy relating at work.

AdviceUK is an organisation established in 1979 to support independent advice centres.

Find out more and register

For course details visit the AdviceUK website.

AdviceUK Members – £100

Voluntary sector £115 + VAT

all others £135 + VAT

For further information, contact Steve Thorpe at training@adviceuk.org.uk or call 0300 777 0107

This course can be delivered to organisations in-house.

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