Empowered communities 2020s

Empowered communities 2020s

May 2017


Help shape the future of community development.

IVAR has been appointed by Local Trust to carry out research that will scope and support the future of community development. We will look at what it needs to look like and who needs to be involved in order to empower communities in the 2020s.

We want to ask:

  • How can communities become more empowered and vibrant in the next ten years?

  • How can communities identify and articulate issues and take collective action to address them over the next decade?

  • What might help people imagine what the future will look like, especially given the uncertainty ahead, and give them the tools to shape that future?

  • What needs to happen for communities to become more empowered in the future?

What’s happening?

We’ll be hosting three dialogues with people, groups and organisations in the public, voluntary, business sectors that support individuals and communities and build movements:

Issues dialogue– Exploring issues that intersect with community development and empowered communities, such as income inequality, local ageing populations, housing, immigration or climate change.

Nations dialogue – Visiting the four UK nations to hear from people who work with communities.

Places dialogue – Conversations in four communities of place, to hear from people who work with, or in some way support communities.

Get involved

To sign up to email updates on the project and hear about opportunities to contribute,

send your name, role and organisation (if applicable) and email address to


Find out more about the project at localtrust.org.uk.

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