Party Conference Season, 2017-18

The Labour Party conference will take place in Brighton from 24th September to 27th September. The Conservative Party conference will take place the following week in Manchester from 1st October to 4th October.

At home, the party conference season begins with the Green Party conference on 30th September at the Clayton Hotel, Belfast, followed by the PUP conference on 7th October at a venue to be announced. The Ulster Unionist Party holds its conference on 21st October at the Armagh City Hotel.

Sinn Féin will hold its ard fheis on 17th and 18th November at the RDS, Dublin. The DUP will follow the next week with its conference on 25th November at the La Mon Hotel, Castlereagh. The TUV has yet to announce its party conference details, but it is usually held mid-November.

The SDLP, Alliance Party and Workers Party will hold their conferences in spring 2018.

To register or to attend any of the party conferences, you should contact the parties directly.

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