Make a difference in your community or field of work by doing research abroad

Winston Chruchill fellowships

Churchill Fellowships fund people to travel for 4-8 weeks abroad, researching a topic of their own choice that can make a difference to their profession or community when they come home.

Fellows can visit several countries and continents, meeting key people in their topic and gaining hands-on expertise. On return they make change happen in their workplace or region, among practitioners or policy-makers, at local or national level.

Everyone can apply, regardless of age or background, and no qualifications are required. Just a passion to make change happen in the field of your choice.

Applications for the next round of Churchill Fellowships are open from 27 April 2018 to 18 September 2018. These are for research trips in 2019 and beyond. Have a look at the application timeline here.

For 2019 fellowships will be awarded for topics in these categories:

Artists & makers


Emergency services: crisis prevention, response and recovery

Enterprise: supporting social impact

Environment, conservation and sustainable living

Healthcare: innovations for the twenty-first century

Migration: living well together

Nursing and Allied Health Professions

Rural living: strengthening countryside communities

Science, technology & engineering

Suicide: prevention, intervention and postvention

Young people’s awards

Apply at the Winston Churchill Memorial Trust website.

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