Webinar: National Development Framework Consultation

Webinar _ NDF Consultation

Webinar: National Development Framework Consultation

Date: 02 July 2018, 2pm

Following extensive engagement and discussion with stakeholders across Wales, Welsh Government are consulting on the Issues, Options and Preferred Option for the NDF.

The purpose of the NDF is to support the delivery of Prosperity for All by developing a clear long term spatial direction for Government policy, action and investment and for others who the Government work with.

The NDF will achieve this by identifying key growth areas, the type and location of the infrastructure we need, by co-ordinating the delivery of housing, employment and connectivity infrastructure, and by directing key partners to help deliver the national spatial vision. Future policy development, investment decisions and the work of our key partners will be directed by the NDF, allowing co-ordination and early focus on delivery rather than establishing separate spatial priorities.

This consultation is an important opportunity for all stakeholders – local authorities, businesses, community groups, members of the public, professional bodies and others – to provide their views on the proposed approach to the NDF and help shape it.

By the end of this webinar you will understand:

– What the consultation is about and how it relates to the Well-Being of Future Generations Act and Planning Policy Wales

– Why the consultation matters to your work

– How to respond to the consultation

This webinar will be delivered in English but contributions and questions are welcomed in Welsh or English.

To book please click the link:


(The closing date for the consultation is 23 July 2018)

More information about the NDF

‘It is the role of the NDF to bring together the breadth of Welsh Government policies and help deliver them through the planning system. By planning our infrastructure and development together, we can ensure they complement rather than compete against each other, and deliver truly sustainable development. It will also have the role of setting the tone and direction for other plans including Strategic Development Plans and Local Development Plans.’ – Lesley Griffiths, Cabinet Secretary for Energy, Planning and Rural Affairs

NDF Vision:

The NDF will help deliver sustainable places across Wales by 2040, by supporting positive placemaking and ensuring that our spatial choices direct development to the right places, make the best use of resources, create and sustain accessible, healthy communities, protect our environment and support prosperity for all.

NDF Objectives:

1. Climate change, decarbonisation and energy

2. Economic prosperity and regeneration

3. City Regions & Growth Deals

4. Rural Wales

5. Housing

6. Natural Resources, Circular Economy & Flooding

7. Culture & Heritage

8. Transport

9. Welsh Language

10. Health & Well-being

11. Digital infrastructure

12.Cohesive Communities

NDF and PPW:

PPW sets the Welsh Government’s national planning policies, providing the full context for the themes and the direction for the NDF’s preparation. The NDF will set out the spatial elements of national planning policy and will not repeat PPW. Working together PPW and the NDF will help us achieve sustainable places.

The NDF Preferred Option is presented under 5 areas: –

1. Placemaking;

The NDF will focus on three spatial aspects of the Placemaking theme – decarbonisation and climate change; health and well-being; and cohesive communities and the Welsh language.

2. Distinctive & Natural Places;

To support the delivery of Distinctive & Natural Places, the NDF Spatial Strategy focuses on our natural resources and our unique culture and heritage.

3. Productive & Enterprising Places;

To support the delivery of Productive & Enterprising Places, the NDF Spatial Strategy focuses on key sectors and the delivery of modern, resilient, low-carbon transport, energy and digital infrastructure

4. Active & Social Places;

To support the delivery of Active & Social Places, the NDF Spatial Strategy focuses on an integrated approach to the delivery of strategic housing and active travel infrastructure

5. Wales’s Regions;

To support the delivery of strong, resilient and distinctive regions, the NDF Spatial Strategy focuses on strategic housing, co-ordinated infrastructure delivery in city and growth deal areas and support for rural areas

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