Webinar: A Clean Air Zone Framework for Wales

Webinar _ Air Consultation (English)

Webinar: A Clean Air Zone Framework for Wales Consultation

Date: 08 June 2018, 11am

The Clean Air Zone Framework for Wales provides guidance to local authorities who are considering options to address local air quality issues.

The framework describes:

  • What a clean air zone is
  • Under what circumstances it may be applied
  • The key considerations for local authorities who wish to establish one.

The reasons for reducing airborne pollution, through a clean air zone, may be to address the need to reduce emissions to within legal limits, but also more generally to bring about improvements in the environment and to deliver better health for all.

This consultation is an important opportunity for all stakeholders – local authorities, businesses, community groups, members of the public, professional bodies and others – to provide their views on the proposed approach to Clean Air Zones.

By the end of this webinar you will understand:

– What the consultation is about and how it relates to current legislation

– Why the consultation matters to your work

– How to respond to the consultation

This webinar will be delivered in English but contributions and questions are welcomed in Welsh or English.

To book please click the link:


(The closing date for the consultation is 19 June 2018)

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