#BrexitWatchCymru is a repository of online sources around Brexit and the third sector. It aims to keep the third sector up to date on the process of the UK exiting the European Union. The resource lists official, online publications from government and statutory institutions as well as providing links to research papers and blogs from charities, think tanks and sister councils etc. #BrexitWatchCymru is updated monthly and all of the links added since the last update are highlighted in bold.

The latest edition includes:

The third round of talks between the UK Government and the EU began on Monday 28 August in Brussels. Citizens’ rights, the financial settlement and other separation issues were discussed during the negotiations. This round was about clarifying the points of discussion for future rounds. Would you like to know more about what has been discussed so far? The House of Commons published two briefing papers on the first two rounds of talks which you can find in the UK Parliament section of #BrexitWatchCymru.

First Minister Carwyn Jones met Nicola Sturgeon, First Minister of Scotland, on 21 August to discuss the EU Withdrawal Bill and how the two governments can work together to protect devolution. The First Ministers both criticised the Bill for proposing to return currently devolved powers and responsibilities to Westminster. They agreed to work together on potential amendments to the Bill to address these concerns. You can find more information about this in the Welsh Government section of the resource.

The Home Secretary has commissioned the Migration Advisory Committee to undertake a major study on the role that the EU nationals play in the UK economy and society. The study will assess the UK’s labour market, the role of migration in the wider economy and how the UK’s immigration system should be aligned with a modern industrial strategy. To read more about this, click on the UK Government section of #BrexitWatchCymru.

There have been some updates from our sister councils in the past few weeks: NICVA has produced a position paper on Brexit, NCVO published a blog about ‘clean Brexit’ and whether it is good for the third sector and SCVO updated its Brexit page. You can find further information about these in the Other section, along with a briefing on the EU Withdrawal Bill (Unlock Democracy) and a blog about citizens’ rights post-Brexit (Welsh Brexit Blog).

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